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if I pay by my personal visa card, can I get an invoice so as to reclaim my money back from my company. Regards

Yes, when you pay by any card or by PayPal, we issue a "paid" VAT invoice and send it to the email address supplied with your order. It will be sent by the working day following your order.

What is the Brilliant Bins disposable sanitary bins system?

Brilliant Bins disposable sanitary bins were invented and patented in the UK. They are manufactured in Berkshire and distributed across the UK and Northern Ireland.

The reason they are so popular is that they offer a way of providing lovely sanitary bins but at a significant cost saving. The majority of customers save a huge 60% against a serviced contractor bin collection.

They are fully compliant with the legislation for provision of sanitary bins and for disposal in regular commercial waste.

  • Despatched folded-down for reduced storage 
  • Fold out and set up ready to use in around 20 seconds 
  • Leave in place up to 4 months (customer average is 2-3 months) 
  • Easy to check when it is time to change 
  • Whole bin and contents then placed in a black bin bag 
  • The black bin bag is supplied on the back of the bin in a plastic sleeve 
  • Dispose into commercial regular waste (see product guides) 
  • Glossy laminate provides hygienic protection inside and outside the box 
  • Moisture resistant for use in damp environments. 
  • Fashionable, attractive and girl-friendly. 
  • Size: 13 Litres usable (Total 18 Litres) 
  • Dimensions 360mm (H) x 310 mm (W) x 180mm

Is it a legal requirement to provide sanitary waste bins?

The applicable law is the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 2nd edition paragraphs 20 and 21. The Regulations do not specifically mention bins for sanitary waste, but do have an overriding condition that "sanitary conveniences” (ie washroom facilities) should be "suitable and sufficient”.

The Health and Safety Executive, however, in the "Approved Code of Practice” related to the above Regulations, issue their interpretation of "suitable and sufficient” which includes: "In toilets used by women, suitable means for the disposal of sanitary dressings should be provided”.

In practise this could be a covered pedal bin, although this would mean revealing the contents to users and cleaners. Our disposable sanitary bin is aimed at providing a better option than a pedal bin, without having the costs and inconvenience of service collection contracts.

Can I put the disposable bins into my general business waste bins?

In May 2015 the four environment agencies for the England, Scotland, Wales and NI published a fully revised document called WM3 "Waste Classification - Guidance on the classification and assessment of waste – Technical Guidance.

In this guidance there is a specific example which covers the disposal of sanitary bin waste very clearly. It says:

"Segregation of these wastes as a discrete waste stream is expected where they are produced by businesses in quantity (approx 7kg or 1 bag per interval period).”

"Non-healthcare businesses (like householders) may dispose of smaller quantities in their mixed municipal waste (‘black bag’) without it affecting the classification or management of that waste”.

This confirms that mixed municipal waste (black bag waste) can contain a small amount of feminine hygiene waste and retains the 20-03-01 waste code. 

One Brilliant Bin when full will weigh around 1kg to 1.5 kg, and so the majority of businesses will never come close to the 7kg limit above. Our bins only need to be changed over when full, so even sites with many bins will not have all bins changed at once.

How long will the bins last in use?

Our typical customer used 4 to 6 bins per cubicle per year. 

How many bins will be required?

When we provide estimates to our customers we will work it out this way:
How many cubicles require bins?
What sort of site/business are you?

So then, as an example with a standard office environment requiring bins in 3 cubicles changed 4 times per year:
Total requirement: 12 bins at £125.00 plus delivery and VAT.